Incinerators model CP

  • 1 Incinerator model CP5
    ATI incinerator Muller
  • 1 Incinerator model CP10
    ATI incinerator Muller
  • 1 Incinerator model CP15
    ATI incinerator Muller
  • 1 Incinerator model CP30
    ATI incinerator Muller
  • 1 Incinerator model CP80
    ATI incinerator Muller
  • 1 Incinerator model CP100
    ATI incinerator Muller

n°1 of incineration hospital and industrial waste in the world.

The latest generation
ATI environnement (classification world health organization who) is the only one able to eliminate some typologies of hospital waste.

Clean technology to ensure the elimination of your waste without any atmospheric pollution and respecting european emission standards EC76/2000.


Series of incinerators model CP

Incinerator CP5

Hourly destruction
capacity from 3 to 5 Kg/h

incinerator CP10

Hourly destruction
capacity from 10 to 15 Kg/h

incinerator CP15

Hourly destruction
capacity from 15 to 20 Kg/h

incinerator CP30

Hourly destruction
capacity from 30 to 40 Kg/h

incinerator CP50

Hourly destruction
capacity from 50 to 60 Kg/h

incinerator CP80

Hourly destruction
capacity from 70 to 80 Kg/h

incinerator CP100

Hourly destruction
capacity from 100 to 120 Kg/h

Our equipments

allow all waste from health care related activities With risk of infection to be elimitated definitively, especially:

Reability of the know-how with 3000 installations through the World.
Fully automatic cycle which does not require the presence of Employee.

With :

- Total and definitive destruction of germs
- a reduction in volume of 98%
- a reduction in weight of 90%

Ecological :

- no odour
- no fume
- No liquid
- definitive treatment of waste

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